How Often Do You Get Paid At Coles?

How much do casuals get paid at Coles?

Casual salaries at Coles can range from $25-$27..

How much do 15 year olds get paid at Coles?

It’s a good way for someone to get their first job.. For a 15 year old you will get $9.95 an hour as a casual. This is because as a 15 year old you are entitled to 45% of maximum casual pay.

How old can you be to work at Coles?

No minimum 18 years old.

How much do you get paid at Tesco under 18?

Tesco Customer Assistant – Checkouts (Under 18) Hourly Pay Customer Assistant – Checkouts (Under 18) salaries at Tesco can range from £7-£8. This estimate is based upon 1 Tesco Customer Assistant – Checkouts (Under 18) salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

How much does a Coles employee get paid?

The average Coles salary ranges from approximately $36,939 per year for Cleaner to $74,711 per year for Goods-in Manager. Average Coles hourly pay ranges from approximately $20.00 per hour for Warehouse Worker to $29.59 per hour for Retail Assistant Manager.

How much do Tesco staff get paid?

Currently, Tesco pays an hourly rate of £9 for all workers. On October 4, 2020, pay rates will increase again by 3.3% to £9.30.

Is Coles good to work at?

Great to work. Had the best time working at Coles. … Good place to work, past paced and stressful at times. Sometimes the workload is too much for the allocated time and this can put extra stress on the employees to finish the workload.

Can you work in Tesco at 16?

How old do you need to be to join Tesco? We will recruit colleagues from the age of 16 who have passed the school-leaver age for your region, subject to restrictions for specific roles. There is no upper age limit. … For office roles please contact your recruiter or the hiring manager who arranged your interview.

How often do Coles employees get paid?

For non salary it is weekly paid every tuesday so you either get it tuesday arvo or wednesday morning depending on your bank. My husband worked for coles for 12 years in both wage and salary.

Can you work at 13 in Australia?

Generally, there is a minimum age of 13 for employment. However to work without a special permit, you must be at least 15. … There is no minimum age for the employment of children in a family business or in the entertainment industry.

What jobs hire at 13 in Australia?

Jobs for 13 Year Olds in Canberra / Australian Capital Territory (ACT)Red Cross First Aid Training for Teens (For Babysitting)Acting and Modeling Casting Calls.Fiverrr.Deliver for Dollars.

How old do you have to be to work at KFC?

14 years oldYou must be 14 to work at KFC or any fast food store outlet. 14 years old, however, you will only be able to serve and pack until you are 15. Once you’re 15, you can learn to cook chicken and make our delicious potato and gravy.

How much do juniors get paid at Coles?

Casual Junior salaries at Coles can range from $12-$13.

How much does Nightfill at Coles pay?

The typical Coles Night Fill makes $23 Per Hour. Night Fill hourly pay at Coles can range from $17 – $30.

Can you work at Woolworths at 14?

The minimum age required to work at Woolworths Supermarket is 14 and 9 months.