Question: Can I Do M Tech After MCA?

Can we do M Tech after MCA?

Yes people who have done their MCA are eligible to join the MTech Program…

Yes its possible.

I had done my MCA, afterthat I go for to do my M.E degree in computer science engineering.

For MTech you have to clear GATE exam.In MCA 2nd year you will be qualified for GATE exam..

Can I do M Tech after BCA?

After BCA you can not apply for M. tech through GATE, but for private colleges you need to contact them if they allow you for M. tech. You can go for MCA, it is a good option & MCA is an advanced and more detailed version of BCA course.

Is MCA equivalent to MS in USA?

Based on the evidence of record, we conclude that the Beneficiary’s master of computer applications is a foreign equivalent degree to a U.S. master’s degree in that field of study. Therefore, the Beneticiary’s MCA meets the definition of an “advanced degree” in 8 C.F.R. § 204.5(k)(2).

Can I do PhD after MCA?

Yes, you can pursue PhD after MCA and you will be a doctorate in science. If you like to get PhD degree in engineering, you have to do MTech after MCA, and then PhD.

Can I do MTech after MCA from Ignou?

Yes , definitely. IGNOU offers a valid degree . MCA + a valid GATE score would do if you want to pursue M. … Can a BE student be able to do an MTech from IIT?

Is MTech better than MCA?

While a student pursuing MCA degree needs to pursue an M. Tech degree as well to obtain jobs equivalent to that of an Engineering graduate, but the job category depends on the reputation of the institute from which the course is pursued.

Is MCA equal to B Tech?

MCA is generally assumed equivalent to B. Tech in IT and CSE field as course structure is same but B. tech provides more scope and generally B. tech candidates are preffered over MCA and higher salary is offered.

Can I do MCA in IIT?

IITs : Among all IITs only IIT Roorkee offered MCA programme, but from academic year 2014-15 the institute had decided to Discontinue this course. NITs : The admission to the MCA prgoramme in to NITs is based on the Rank obtained inNIMCET exam only, and it is offered in following NITs only.

Can I give GATE exam after MCA?

2nd and 3rd year MCA students are eligible for GATE. 1st and 2nd year MSc students are eligible for GATE based on qualifying degree. BSc. BCA and BCS (a three years degree) students are not eligible for GATE Exam.