Quick Answer: Does Deleting A YouTube Account Delete Comments?

Should you delete old YouTube videos?

Removing them may streamline your video experience and give your channel more opportunity to rank for suggested videos in the future.

You can make sure your channel and videos are completely on-brand: Having old product, service, overview, or just plain off-brand videos can hurt your business’s overall image..

Why do I have 2 YouTube accounts with one email?

IF both have used the same email address , then it creates ” conflicting accounts ” , once the “personal ” email address has been used for G-suite . But you’ll need to be sure , that the 2012 account was using the same email address , as the one used for the G-suite .

Is there a limit to how many Google accounts you can have?

There is no limit on the number of accounts you can have on Google. You can quickly and easily create new accounts, and also link those to your existing accounts so that you can easily switch between different accounts.

How do you delete other peoples comments on YouTube?

If you want to delete comments that have already been posted under one of your videos, open the video page on YouTube and click the arrow to the top right of the comment. Choose “Remove” from the drop-down list to delete the selected comment and all replies associated with it.

How do I permanently delete my YouTube account?

Get StartedGet Started.Unlock the screen on your phone to access the main screen. … Manage Apps.Scroll through the options on the settings screen until you locate Apps. … Manage the YouTube App.Click the YouTube app icon and it will generate a management screen. … Complete the Uninstall.More items…

Should I delete negative comments on YouTube?

When you are still small and you’re just getting a few comments per video, go ahead and delete negative comments. … It will also show others that watch your videos that leaving mean comments will not get them attention. The bad thing about leaving them is that your audience can still see them.

Why is YouTube deleting my comments?

In most cases, comments that it thinks may be spam will get hidden and end up in the uploader’s “Comments” tab in YouTube Studio under “likely spam”. They stay there until the uploader reviews them and either deletes them or approves them. If approved they reappear on the video.

Can I delete my YouTube account?

Log in to your YouTube account. Click the Account link at the top of the page. In the Account section at the bottom of the page, click Delete Account. This takes you to the Delete Account page.

How do I know if someone replied to my YouTube comment?

Use the Video Comments feature in the Account section to find personal comments that have received a reply. Click on the list of replies and the video link in each reply to see the videos. Search the comments for the user’s username to find comments. Or you can go to youtube.com and sign in to your account.

How do I recover deleted comments on YouTube?

Unfortunately undo delete comment feature is not available on YouTube as for now. Hope so in near future we get the function as trash section for comment on YouTube. keeping our fingers crossed and lets hope for the best. As for now i am sorry there is no such feature available.

How do I remove my Google account from YouTube?

Sign outTap your profile picture .Tap Switch account.Tap Manage accounts.Tap on the account you’d like to remove from your device.Tap Remove account.

How do I delete a YouTube comment?

Go to Comment History. Next to the comment, click or tap More . Select Edit or Delete.

How do I contact YouTube to delete my account?

Go to the YouTube login, and click “forgot password”. From there, Google will verify that you are the account owner, either through Security Questions, phone number or previous activity on your YouTube account. From there, you can either chance the email, or just delete the account.

How do I know if my YouTube comment was deleted?

Do commenters get notified if their comment is deleted? … No they’re not notified, that is unless the channel owner decides to tell them by replying before deleting.Anyone wondering why a channel owner might do that, here’s one reason:More items…

What happens if I delete my YouTube account?

Just know that once you delete your YouTube account, not only will all of your videos, playlists, and subscriptions disappear, but so will your comments and likes, messages, and every other trace of your YouTube account.

Can you have 2 YouTube accounts?

Single youtube account can be shared with multiple users. With one Google login you can manage/create multiple Youtube channel (Up to 50)