Quick Answer: How Do I Organize My Outlook Inbox By Category?

How do you effectively use categories in Outlook?

Organize Messages with Categories in OutlookOpen the message in the Reading Pane or in a separate window.

Go to the Home tab, in the Tags group and select Categorize.

Choose the category you want to use.

The first time you assign a category to a message, the Rename Category dialog box opens.

Select Yes..

Can I have two inboxes in Outlook?

By default, the Outlook folder list groups similar folders, such as inboxes, from all of your mail and Microsoft Exchange accounts. This feature can make it easier to read all your messages at once, without having to move between mail folders.

How do I sort my Outlook Inbox by category?

Step 1: Open the folder in which you will view messages by categories. Step 2: Put the cursor in the Search box to activate the Search Tools. Step 3: Click the Categorized > Any Category in the Refine group on the Search tab. Then all messages with any categories are filtered and listed in the messages list.

How do I sort my Outlook Inbox by name?

Sort your email messages in a way that’s helpful to you. For example, sort by the name of the sender or the recipient, the date of the email message, its size, and other options. Select Filter at the top of your inbox. Under Sort by, choose any option you prefer to sort your email.

How do I manage folders in Outlook?

If you want to organize your messages in Outlook.com, you can create new folders or rename, move, or delete existing folders….Delete a folderIn the folder pane, right-click the folder or subfolder you want to delete.Select Delete folder.Select OK to confirm.

Where have all my folders gone in Outlook?

If the folder pane disappears, click on View / Folder Pane and check “Normal.” The Folder Panel will immediately appear. It may disappear again the next time Outlook is started, until Microsoft releases the patch that fixes it permanently.

How do you organize emails into folders?

Move messages into a folderSelect an email message.Drag and drop it into a folder. Note: To move more than one email, select an email, hold down the Shift key and select other messages, and then click, drag, and drop them into a folder.

How do I automatically categorize emails in Outlook?

Enable Automatic CategorizingRight-click an email from your Inbox that matches the criteria of the Category you’re about to create.Choose “Create Rule” to bring up the Create Rule dialog box.Skip the simple options and go straight to “Advanced Options” using the button in the corner.More items…

How do I sort my Outlook inbox by subject and date?

There is an alternative trick to change the arrangement pattern in the mail list. Firstly, click to open a mail folder in the Navigation Pane, where you will sort messages by subject. Secondly, at the top of mail list and under the Search box, click the text of By Date, and then click the Subject in the drop down menu.

How do I organize my inbox?

You can label those emails, put them in a specific folder, or use the snooze feature to receive the email at a more convenient time.Create multiple sections or folders in your inbox. … Use filters, rules, and labels. … Make templates. … Unsubscribe. … Don’t make your inbox your to-do list.

Why can’t I move emails into folders in Outlook?

Make sure that the Outlook window is active, and press the ESC key several times. After that, you should be able to use the drag & drop feature again. Use the Folder List view. Try to change the view to Folders (Fig.

What are the 6 folders typically organized in an email account?

The simplest way to organize your email is to set up folders for various categories of information in a similar way you do for your paper files. Sure, your email inbox comes with some premade folders, including the main inbox, sent folder, drafts, spam or junk, and trash.

How do I organize my Outlook inbox?

To sort or group the emails in your Outlook Inbox by the email account at which you received them:Go to the View tab.In the Current View group, select View Settings.In the Advanced View Settings dialog box, select Group By.In the Group By dialog box, clear the Automatically group according to arrangement check box.More items…•

How do I clean out my inbox?

Here are some ideas to get your email inboxes under control again:Stop signing up to get MORE emails. … Stop getting emails from current sources. … Do a mass delete of messages you’ll never read. … Use your email provider’s sorting or filtering features. … Go online for additional help.

How do I manage categories in Outlook?

On your Outlook Home tab, navigate to the Tags section (it’s the fifth section from the right) and click Categorize. In the Set Quick Click box, open the drop-down menu and choose the category you want to set as your default Quick Click Category. Click OK to save your Quick Click selection.