Quick Answer: How Do You Convert An Image To A Dynamic Panel?

How do I remove dynamic panel in axure?

To access this option, right-click the dynamic panel and select Break Away First State in the context menu.

If a dynamic panel has only one state, breaking the state away will also delete the panel..

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What are masters in axure?

A master is a reusable wireframe, which will be created once and used extensively thereafter on the subsequent pages. With Axure RP, when we create a master page, the changes made to this page will be applied to the pages where it is being used.

What is a dynamic panel in axure?

Dynamic panels are a powerful tool of Axure. They allow users to add interactive areas to their wireframes or mockups. Creating them is easy too. Either create the content you want to add to a dynamic panel, select all of it, and right click.

How do you change the color of a button axure?

Back in Axure RP, select the button widget and click Add Style Effect in the Interactions pane. Select Selected Style in the list. In the Selected Style block that appears, check the Fill Color property and select a purple color in the color picker. Click OK to save the action.