Quick Answer: Is Doing BCA Worth It?

Which stream is best for BCA?

Students from every stream can pursue BCA.

But, mainly it is pursued by candidates with Science and commerce background.

According to popular universities, it is mandatory that a candidate must have studied Maths and computer Science in their +2.

But some universities also provide admission to arts students too..

Can a BCA student become software engineer?

Yes BCA Student can become a Software Developer. Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year undergraduate course which deals with information technology and computer applications. … BCA provides various opportunities to the students who wish to pursue their career in IT and software.

Can I get job in USA after BCA?

No, not as a fresher at least. A BCA is equivalent to 3 years of undergraduate study in the US, and they consider either 4 years of degree or a 3 year degree+3 years of work exp. Even for higher studies, a BCA students need to pass extra credit exams for one year, in the US.

Which is better BCS or BCA?

BCA course is better than BCS because in this you wil learn: Programming in C Language (Basic and Advanced) Communication Skills. Networking.

Can I get government job after BCA?

There are no specific exams for BCA graduates. All government job exams ask for a graduation degree in any stream. So after BCA you’re eligible for UPSC, SSC, Railway, Banking jobs, and many more government exams. … You can find the government jobs after completion of your B.C.A Degree if you really work for it.

Does Amazon hire BCA students?

Amazon Jobs For Freshers BSC BCA BE BTECH MCA Jobs 2020 Amazon Off-Campus Jobs Interview Dates Selection Process. Amazon is one of the largest and most well-known E-commerce companies in the world. … Tech, MCA and an engineering degree from a recognized institute are eligible for this recruitment in 2020.

What is the salary of BCA in USA?

National AverageSalary Range (Percentile)25thAverageAnnual Salary$45,000$68,048Monthly Salary$3,750$5,671Weekly Salary$865$1,3091 more row

Which job is best for BCA students?

Best Career Options After BCAGet an MBA (Master of Business Administration)Become a Data Scientist.Become a Digital Marketer.Learn Product Management.Enter the Blockchain Industry.Become a Cyber Security Expert.Get an MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

Is BSc easy?

Bsc IT is easier than BCA and have less maths. . and you can do any one of them by open university. . but doing it from IGNOU will be good as compared to others ( however you have to study hard to clear it from ignou) because degree of ignou have more values then others and their exmination process is strict.

Is BCA better than engineering?

BCA makes you adept at the application level of computers whereas BTech makes you proficient at the ‘technical’ level (Software, Hardware, applications etc.) For getting admission into B Tech engineering, most students appear for the national level Joint Entrance Exam, popularly known as JEE.

What is the salary of MCA in USA?

Average Salary of MCA Graduates – Experience WiseExperienceSalary per monthFor FresherRs. 15,000 – Rs. 36,0001 -3 yearsRs. 26,000 – Rs. 44,000Above 5 yearsRs. 40,000 – Rs. 1,50,000Avg. Salary for MCA in USA$1500 – $3500Dec 10, 2018

What is BCS salary?

The average BCS salary ranges from approximately $33,000 per year for Maintenance Person to $50,378 per year for Otr. Average BCS hourly pay ranges from approximately $16.88 per hour for Operator to $18.00 per hour for Analyst.

Can a BCA graduate get job in Google?

You can surely apply for job at google.

How many subjects are there in BCA?

The 3 years BCA course covers topics like programming languages, data structure, networking, DBMS, Cyber Law, Business Communication, Management Accounting, Multimedia Systems, Operating Systems etc.

Can a BCA student get job in Microsoft?

No, BCA degree holder candidates are not eligible for Microsoft. If you have completed MCA degree from a recognized university then you are eligible for Microsoft recruitment.

Is BCA better than BBA?

Abhijeet, • BBA is a management course while BCA is a technical course in the field of computers• The concepts of BCA are easier for students having done their 10+2 in Science subjects while for others, BBA is better. … Both these courses can help you in laying a solid foundation for a future MBA.

Can I join ISRO after BCA?

So, if you have something logical or new, you can join ISRO after BCA. Yes, if you have a good scientific knowledge about the field which you want to go. ISRO also has computer science department. So, if you have something logical or new, you can join ISRO after BCA.

What is the salary after BCA?

Salary Packages Offered by the Top Companies in India for BCA:CompanyAverage Salary (Rupees Per Annum)CognizantRs.265,000 – 300,000AricentRs.290,000 – 315,000MicrosoftRs.300,000 – 360,000WiproRs.275,000 – 325,0002 more rows•May 4, 2020

What are the advantages of studying BCA?

Bca generally gives the basic knowledge of computer and its programming language. It provides the basic idea of programming such as c,c++,java . most favorable for computer science students. Bca generally gives the basic knowledge of computer and its programming language.

How can I get job in Wipro after BCA?

To apply for job in Wipro you can directly visit their office and face the walk in interview. After that you will have to face a written test followed by group discussion and personal interview. As you have completed BCA with 9.6 CGPA and scored 75% in 10th and 12th standard, so you are eligible to get a job in Wipro.

What are the job opportunities after BCA?

Job Profiles for BCA GraduatesJob ProfileAboutWeb DeveloperA web developer is a person who builds and maintains websites using his/her skills in JavaScript, PHP, CSS, XHTML, HTML etcProgrammerA programmer writes codes for software using the language understood by the computer such as C++, C, Python, Java etc2 more rows•Jul 3, 2020

What are the benefits of doing MCA?

Benefits of Doing MCA CourseTechnical Education. MCA is a technical and professional degree with a lot of value. … Employment. Even BCA students get good jobs, so, you can imagine how good it must be for the MCA graduates. … High Salary. … On Trend. … Better Equipped for Future.

Can I complete BCA one year?

Candidates can complete their Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in One Year through One sitting BCA Degree with Credit Transfer Scheme. We (D.i.P.S.) offer Graduation program through University which approved by UGC using credit transfer method.

Is BCA an engineer?

The BCA is a common degree for CS/IT students at Indian universities, and is an alternative to the engineering counterpart, the B.E/B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering/IT, which requires 4 years of study.

Can I join IIT after BCA?

YES,you can definitely join IIT after the BCA course. but you have to need 60% in your 12th and your age must be below 25years.

Which is better BCA or BSc Computer Science?

BSc Computer Science is more concept-oriented while BCA is application-oriented. BCA course will teach you about current technologies and applications, and gives you a basic idea of currently used programming languages. But BCA course will not provide you with an in-depth conceptual understanding.

Is BCA good for Career?

While BCA gives students a good technology knowledge, it is advisable to complete your MCA to give yourself career wise push. … Tech degree has greater job opportunities than a student with a BCA. Still, junior programming positions and software testing jobs are available to BCA graduates; from there you can climb up.

Does BCA have scope in future?

BCA is one of the demanding courses under the IT sector. After the completion of the course, the student can find a job in reputed IT companies like IBM, Oracle, Infosys, and Google. The student can work as a system engineer, junior programmer, web developer or as a system administrator.

What is the benefit of B Com?

A B.Com degree is structured to provide the students managerial skills in disciplines related to commerce. Also, by the end of the program, students gain an in-depth knowledge on core subjects like accounting, law, statistics, finance, marketing just to name a few. We bring to you the advantages of a B.Com Degree.

Is MCA equivalent to MS in USA?

and that an MCA in India is comparable to a master’s degree in the United States- but in the field of computer applications, not computer science. … According to the Petitioner, the U.S. equivalent of an MCA from India is a master’s degree in applied computer science or computer science (applied).