Quick Answer: What Does Industrial City Mean?

What was the original meaning of industrial?

resulting from laborindustrial (adj.) 1774, “resulting from labor,” from French industriel, from Medieval Latin industrialis, from Latin industria “diligence, activity” (see industry).

There is an isolated earlier used in the same sense from 1580s, from Latin industria..

What’s the meaning of suburb?

1a : an outlying part of a city or town. b : a smaller community adjacent to or within commuting distance of a city. c suburbs plural : the residential area on the outskirts of a city or large town.

What is the meaning of industrial?

adjective. of, pertaining to, of the nature of, or resulting from industry: industrial production; industrial waste. having many and highly developed industries: an industrial nation. engaged in an industry or industries: industrial workers. of or relating to the workers in industries: industrial training.

What is an example of post industrial society?

A good example of this is the gaming community. … Since post-industrial societies focus on services and not manufacturing goods, it follows that manufacturing has to occur somewhere and leads to outsourcing to other countries, usually industrialized societies.

What are industrial activities?

Industrial activities means material handling, transportation, or storage; manufacturing; maintenance; treatment; or disposal.

What is biggest industry in US?

Which Are The Biggest Industries In The United States?RankIndustryGDP value added (in $ billions), 20111Real estate, renting, leasing1,8982State and Local Government1,3363Finance and insurance1,1594Health/social care1,13615 more rows•Aug 1, 2017

How do you use industrial in a sentence?

Industrial sentence examplesRajputana is very poor in industrial production. … The colony, however, from 1821 had made a fair start in free industrial progress.More items…

What is in an industrial zone?

Industrial zone means a zone established by zoning authorities as being most appropriate for industry or manufacturing. A zone which simply permits certain industrial activities as an incident to the primary land use designation is not considered to be an industrial zone.

What is a post industrial city?

Quick Reference. A city exhibiting the characteristics of a post-industrial society. Service industries dominate with a strongly developed quaternary sector and footloose industries abound, often on pleasant open space at the edge of the city.

What is the most industrial city in us?

HoustonAccording to Manufacturers’ News, Houston takes the top spot for industrial employment with 228,226 manufacturing jobs, followed by New York with 139,127 jobs, Chicago with 108,692 and Los Angeles with 83,719.

What is an example of industrial?

The definition of industrial is something relating to a large-scale business or a manufacturing business. An example of industrial equipment is a printing press.

What are the characteristics of industrial?

Characteristics of industrialization include economic growth, more efficient division of labor, and the use of technological innovation to solve problems as opposed to dependency on conditions outside human control.

Which is an industrial town?

Industrial city or industrial town refers to the kind of city in which the municipal economy and development are concentrated around industrial production and characterized by a large amount of factories. … Industrial cities might have had gone through the period featuring pollution.

Why does an industrial economy need cities?

Industrialization has historically led to urbanization by creating economic growth and job opportunities that draw people to cities. Urbanization typically begins when a factory or multiple factories are established within a region, thus creating a high demand for factory labor.

What are the 4 types of industries?

19 Types of Business Industries – Different types of IndustryFollowing are different kinds and types of Business industries or industrial.1) Aerospace Industry.2) Transport Industry.3) Computer Industry.4) Telecommunication industry.5) Agriculture industry.6) Construction Industry.7) Education Industry.More items…•

What does industrial area mean?

An industrial park (also known as industrial estate, trading estate) is an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development. An industrial park can be thought of as a more “heavyweight” version of a business park or office park, which has offices and light industry, rather than heavy industry.

What are the main features of post industrial society?

Essential Characteristics of Post-Industrial SocietyPeople work with other people to deliver a service: … Transformation of working class to professional middle class: … Emergence of knowledge elites: … Growth of multiple networks: … Divide in society: … He (1982) has explained the division of society in the following words: … Majority sell labour at cheap rates:More items…

Where is the largest industrial park in the US?

Elk Grove VillageThe largest industrial park in North America is located in Elk Grove Village, a suburb just northwest of Chicago. Over 400 manufacturers and 3600 businesses can be found within the park’s six square miles on the eastern side of town.

What are the characteristics of industrial cities?

Features of industrial cityA large sprawling open city housing a large percent of the population of the society. … A manufacturing, finance and coordinating centre of an industrial society.A fluid class structure with an elite of businessmen, professionals and scientists.A large middle class with technologically related jobs.More items…

Is China a post industrial society?

As these countries completed their industrialization and began to move toward a post-industrial society, growth acceleration gave way to deceleration. What makes China different is its massive scale and the purposeful effort to shift from economic growth to rising living standards.

What city is best known for industry?

10 Iconic US Cities by IndustryNew York City. Key Industry: Financial Services. … Boston. Key Industry: Education Services. … Washington, D.C. Key Industry: Federal Government. … Chicago. Key Industry: Financial Services. … Detroit. Key Industry: Automobile Manufacturing. … Houston. Key Industry: Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas Extraction. … San Francisco. … Las Vegas.More items…•