Quick Answer: What Is A Power Sentence?

What is an example of a power?

Power is defined as the ability to act or have influence over others.

An example of power is the strength needed to run five miles.

An example of power is the authority a local government has to collect taxes.

Power means to supply with energy or force..

What is policy and examples?

A policy is a statement of intent, and is implemented as a procedure or protocol. Policies are generally adopted by a governance body within an organization. … Presidential executive orders, corporate privacy policies, and parliamentary rules of order are all examples of policy.

What is the meaning of procedures?

1a : a particular way of accomplishing something or of acting. b : a step in a procedure. 2a : a series of steps followed in a regular definite order legal procedure a surgical procedure. b : a set of instructions for a computer that has a name by which it can be called into action.

How can I use a sentence in a sentence?

Sentence sentence examplesHe typed a short sentence, and then stopped. … Finally, in the trial of the king he demanded, with the Girondists, that the sentence should be pronounced by a vote of the whole people, and not simply by the Convention. … He left the sentence hanging and winked at her.More items…

What is the power of 3 English?

What is the Rule of Three in English? The Rule of Three is a writing technique that suggests that a group of three adjectives or examples is always stronger and more memorable than one. For example, saying that something is ‘dark, cold and dingy’ is more engaging than saying something is just ‘dark’.

What is the simple definition of power?

noun. ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something. political or national strength: the balance of power in Europe. great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force.

What are the powerful words?

The Massive 401+ List of Power WordsHappinessIndulgenceHumorLightLazyHealthyMemorabilityNoveltySimplicityCaptivateChallengeBasic98 more rows•Jul 15, 2019

What is power used for?

Power is one of the key units in many electronic circuits. It can be used to indicate the level of heat dissipated in a unit or even an individual component, it can be used to define the power consumed, and it can also be used to define the amount of power generated by the system to pass on to the next item.

What is difference between exponent and power?

An expression that represents repeated multiplication of the same factor is called a power. The number 5 is called the base, and the number 2 is called the exponent. The exponent corresponds to the number of times the base is used as a factor.

What is the power of 3?

In mathematics, a power of three is a number of the form 3n where n is an integer, that is, the result of exponentiation with number three as the base and integer n as the exponent. …

What is a Power sentence example?

His phone was destroyed and his power drained. Quinn handles the power and Howie is our focus. Alex was doing everything in his power to provide her with all the experiences of a natural mother.

How do you use policy in a sentence?

Policy sentence examplesHe suggested the center change their policy and not tape calls in the future. … To their surprise, Josh had a $150,000 insurance policy Lori didn’t know about. … The new teacher was having trouble making her students adhere to her strict homework policy. … The policy of fusing Greeks and Orientals again is diversely judged.More items…

What is a power of 3 sentence?

The rule of three is a writing principle that suggests that a trio of events or characters is more humorous, satisfying, or effective than other numbers.

What is power in your own definition?

1 : possession of control, authority, or influence over others. 2 : a nation that has influence among other nations a foreign power. 3 : the ability to act or produce an effect It’s in your power to change things. 4 : the right to do something the president’s powers. 5 : physical might : strength The wind grew in power …

Why is 3rd Power effective?

Studies show that 3 is an ideal number for the mind to easily remember things. The human short term memory can retain 3 things easily in one go. 2 don’t say enough and 4 is too many to remember, so 3 it should be. It makes your point or sentence emphatic, effective and memorable.